Norstrat : Are you familiar with Norstrat Company, and have you ever wondered what it is and its responsibilities? If you are a business owner or willing to run a new business, you must be familiar with this consultancy company, its services, and its purpose. The company helps you make things easier while you develop and plan your business growth strategies and removes obstacles hindering your business’s growth.

The consultancy is operated by Lee Carson, who successfully generated $200M in Canadian contracts. The company provides advice especially related to military and infrastructure facets. Due to the efforts of Norstrat, Canada has been able to prosper over the last few years. As years passed, Norstrat has spread its business over large parts, and we can see it in many regions.

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About Norstrat

Norstrat is a consultancy company primarily focusing on providing its customers with technology and business solutions to implement the parts of the Canadian Northern Strategy. Innovative strategies, along with tough decisions, are taken by the company to successfully achieve the goals and objectives of their business.

Besides being a consultancy company, Norstrat is a strategic communication agency primarily focusing on PR, government-funded infrastructure projects, and marketing communications. Norstrat has been in the market for over a decade, with its business spread across Canada and the United States. The company has made over $200M in Canadian contracts. Each year the company recruits people who provide expert knowledge in various fields.

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A look at Norstrat’s history

Norstrat was established in 2010. The company was a mutual collaboration between the Canadian armed forces and government officials. Previously it was just a small agency with one office in Canada. Later the company started to expand and managed to spread to the United States.

Since then, Norstrat has been offering one of the best digital marketing strategies having a solid tie with the government and military. Norstrat has become a leading consultancy company to international customers for their products, public relations, and social media marketing services.

The company has been showing constant growth, focusing solely on expanding its business overseas. People who are new in their business market can also benefit a lot from Norstrat. Therefore the company’s main motto is to guide and promote businesses with renowned experts who are very professional in campaign strategy and business development.

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Why do businesses need Norstrat?

Norstrat is beneficial for private sectors and government offices to execute various areas of the Northern Strategy. If you didn’t know about Canadian Northern Strategy, you must understand that it focuses on developing Northern Canada as soon as possible. It has four essential requirements.

  • Applying for Arctic Sovereignty
  • Making progressions in Social and Economic Development
  • Securing the Environmental Heritage
  • Advanced developments in the Northern Governance

The main targets of Norstrat Company are as follows:

  • It guides brands and companies in building and maintaining their image.
  • It partners with various experts and organizations to realize the client’s goal.
  • While helping the government or private clients, it must remember to be a part of the Northern Strategy.
  • It maintains Canada’s government financing structure projects and guides new businesses by encouraging their systems.
  • The employees in the company have tremendous experience in developing advances and administration.
  • Norstrat’s main focus now is to be at the top of Information safe and be a helping hand to the companies with design and developments.

Various services offered by Norstrat

Norstrat offers a vast network of consulting and communication services. The company’s consultants have extensive knowledge regarding digital marketing, food and beverage PR, Public Relations Communication Improvement, campaign planning, and management. Numerous experts work in the strategic consulting field of the company, assisting customers with everything related to brand development.

Norstrat forms a strategic partnership with Hill & Knowlton Strategies; this provides a platform for clients to access over 400 community service professionals. Norstrat is a trustworthy company for small business owners to influential organizations. The experts employed in the company have extensive knowledge and experience in infrastructure and social fields.

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1.      Account planning and development services

  • The advertising agencies of the company offer services like market research analytical tools.
  • The company’s metric distinguishes between marketing activities and sale performance. This is one of the most important aspects to ensure a good business. It makes sure that all the stakeholders recognize the effect on business indicators.
  • Creative strategies are developed by Norstrat, and the most striking aspect of Norstrat’s innovative approach is the Creative Briefing Center. Clients can modify their message before distributing it to the company’s key partner.

2.      Financial services

Being a consultancy company with unique strategies, Norstrat has worked with some well-known customers by offering excellent financial services and advice like Pfizer, The Government of Canada, The National Bank of Canada, and Johnson & Johnson.

The company is filled with knowledge and years of experience in financial services organizations and pharmaceutical companies. They are successful in providing innovative solutions as per the needs of the clients. Hence any business that wants assistance in finances and wants to apply for government

programs can definitely consult Norstrat.

3.      Advertising services

The company’s Brand Metrics software system offers clients tools essential for marketing analysis. Using these tools, one can get an exact measure of how the consumer responds to their campaigns and helps recognize the sectors needing improvement. These tools are free to use, and clients need to apply for a grant from Norstrat Inc, which forms a collaboration with numerous nonprofit organizations.

Norstar consultancy offers your business a wide range of benefits. Plenty of options and strategies are given to help clients perform various tasks. Therefore from a solid system to public and government relations consultations, Norstrat will always guide you.

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How to work with Norstrat?

As discussed above, the company focuses on digital marketing, public relations, food and beverage PR, and social media marketing. In case your business requires these services, consider working with Norstrat. You will be presented with services like- market research, branding strategy, identity design, strategic communications planning, and digital consulting.

The company collaborates with Hill & Knowlton Strategies, and their clients can access its global network. Besides this, the company also provides access to 400 community service specialists. Hence, the combination of Norstrat’s unique digital marketing skills and vast experience of J&K in conventional public relations has helped top-notch companies achieve their goals.

Does Norstrat offer any additional training programs?

Yes, Norstrat offers additional training programs like the leadership program, business coaching programs, executive coaching programs, and workshops related to professional development. One of the most important programs of the company is the Partnership and Leadership program. The program is held for nine months, and attendees are given vast knowledge regarding the profession of strategic consulting.

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These programs are regularly updated on the latest developments in their present field. Attendees will learn how to improve their soft skills through practical demos. They also become aware of how to make well-informed choices and develop skills essential for an intelligent business.

The company also offers a version of FINVIZ specially designed for clients with language barriers. The company uses various technologies like GoDaddy DNS, Google Font API, WordPress, JQuery Migrate, etc.

Norstrat has developed a system that assisted oil companies in reserving the oil and gas deposits under the ocean floor. The company also launched a new underwater search system utilizing satellite images to get a clear view of specific places.

What are some vital points of Norstrat?

Norstart is an expert in implementing the northern strategy. The company’s failure rate in implementing and expanding its strategy is almost negligible. Due to its massive success in expanding the federal government, Norstrat ranked top on the list of corporate growth. They designed innovative methods to run the administration efficiently and bring developments.

  • Norstrat has expertise in project management since it has mastered and completed numerous projects over the past few years.
  • Norstrat is also an expert in Focused Capital Projects since it successfully completed the radars at constellation mission Radarsat II and the Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel.

Besides being experts in the fields mentioned above, they also offer other training programs to clients, like leadership development programs, workshops related to professional development, practical business coaching programs, and executive coaching programs.


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